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12mm Short Reach Magnetic Cutter

12mm Short Reach Magnetic Cutter

Product Code: 3035
The success of unibor broaching cutters is proven in their daily use in many kinds of aplication throughout the world.

By removing only the metal at the periphery of the hole and ejecting a solid slug at the end of the cut, less material is converted into 'chips', requiring much less power than conventional twist drills. The unique geometry of Unibor cutters also helps to achieve faster feed, lower cutting resistance, greater accuracy, longer tool life and a better finish.

Unibor cutters significantly reduce your cost per cut!

Unibor high speed steel cutters are available in two standard cutting depths - 25mm and 50mm - in diameters of 12 to 65mm. Specifically designed for use with the Unibor range of electro-magnetic drilling machines, the cutters also deliver extra capacity and performance in other machine tools. Carefully made on the very latest CNC machines for consistent quality and continuity of production, larger diameter and longer cutters can be made to order along with specials for particular applications, or more specialised industrial cutters. The range also includes tungsten carbide tipped cutters for drilling harder, difficult to machine and exotic materials. With fine grain carbide inserts on the special hardened EN24 body, TC cutters can also provide up to 10 times the operating life in high volume operations on more common materials.

Cutting Edge: HSS
Cutting Depth: 25mm
Machines: All machines
Right-hand cutting


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