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EWM TETRIX 180 Comfort DC Arc & TIG Welder

Product Code: 3438
Included in this package:
  • EWM TETRIX 180 Comfort Activarc Power Source
  • 10mtr MK2A Electronic TIG Lead
  • 8mtr Electrode Holder
  • 6mtr Weld Earth
  • Argon Regulator
  • Argon Flowmeter
  • TIG Spares Assortment

  • Professional TIG DC welding with excellent ignition and welding characteristics.
  • Exceptional weight/performance ratio thanks to the optimised cooling system.
  • Innovative inverter technology for small, compact design and low weight.
  • Machine front & rear sections designed in plastic for ergonomic, modern casing shape without corners or edges.
  • EWM activArc - the powerful TIG arc- faster, better and simpler welding across the entire power range.
  • Oovervoltage protection - Accidental connection to 400V mains voltage will not result in damage to the machine.
Area of Application:
  • TIG welding: Unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels, nickel-based alloys, copper and special materials, repair welding on cast aluminium components.
  • MMA welding with rutile and basic coated electrodes: Unalloyed, low and high alloy steels, nickel-based and copper alloys.
  • Production and repair work, metal construction, facade, heating and ventilation construction, food and chemical industries, pipeline, closed container and plant construction, vehicle, machine, plant & tool construction, and more.
Simplest possible operation:
  • Easy operation - everything you could ever want
  • Self- explanatory operating interface with one-dial operation, direct access to all important welding parameters, 8 ITG and 8 MMA JOBs (welding tasks) can be set by the user for frequently used welding tasks.
  • Reproducible setting of all welding parameters on the digital display
  • Hold function for simple reading and problem-free recording of welding current and voltage after welding.
  • EWM activArc, TIG pulses, KHz pulses

Technical Data
Mains Voltage
230 V
Setting range Welding Current
5 A - 180 A (TIG)
5 A - 150 A (MMA)
Duty cycle at 20 deg ambient temperature

35 % dc
180 A
60 % dc
150 A
100 % dc
120 A
Open circuit voltage
90 V
Mains voltage (tolerances)
1 x 230 V (-40% - +15%)
1 x 240 V (-40% - +10%)
Mains frequency
50/60 Hz
Mains fuse (slow-blow)
1 x 16 A
Max. connected load
6,2 kVA
Recommended generator rating
8,4 kVA
Dimensions (L x W x H mm)
430 x 180 x 295
Weight approx.
8.9 kg


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