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Water Cooler Package Offer

Water Cooler Package Offer

Product Code: 20110

Special offer comes complete with:

1) 034.0493 B501 Evo Pro 4 metre Tig Torch

2) CR 1000 Water Cooler (115V or 240V)

  • Complete with integrated Flow Switch

3) BTC-15 Water Coolant (5ltr)

034.0493 B501 Evo Pro 4 metre Tig Torch


  • 034.0493 - a 4mtr watercooled MIG torch rated up to 500A and the new EVO handle - positive handling even in extreme circumstances.
  • Rating: 500A (CO2)
  • Duty Cycle: 100%
  • Wire Size: 1.0-1.6mm
  • Ball jointed cable assembly, wide excursion range.
  • MB EVO GRIP handle, moulded 2K material.
  • Same consumables as industry standard MB range.

CR 1000 Water-Cooler

High-Quality, quiet running cooler with built in flow switch, visible and easily to fill and drain tank, with 2-row radiator, long-life, "no wear" impellar pump and heavy-duty 115V motor.


  • Max Cooling Up to 1000 W (torches up to 300 amp)
  • Coolant Capacity 1.59 gallon (6 l)
  • Radiator Capacity 7.4 qt/min (7 L/min) Dual Row

Binzel Coolant Liquid BTC-15 5L

Coolant for all liquid-cooled welding and cutting systems. Frost-proof to –12°C. The very low conductance of 4μS considerably reduces the electrical corrosion of all metal parts of the cooling system.


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