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HP1353336 13 x 533 Grit 36

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HP1353336 13 x 533 P36 Y988D Zirconium

CA HIGH PERFORMANCE ZIRCONIUM abrasive belts for industrial grinders

  • Y-weight polyester backing, Zirconium grain with cooling additive, double resin, closed structure.

BIBIELLE abrasive belts have butt joints using, up to 350-mm wide, splicing tapes. Overlapped joints are used for larger widths. The special butt joint minimizes the effect of vibration caused by the joint travel across the work surface whilst ensuring maximum evenness of the finish. The overlapped joint is more convenient and suitable for bigger-sized belts.

Recommended applications: grinding and cleaning, removing paint, masking small surfaces, pipes and the inside surfaces of holes, deburring, removing small and large protruding welded surfaces, welding spots and scale.

Work surfaces: standard and alloyed steel, stainless steel, aluminium, nonferrous metals, cast iron, alloys, wood.

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